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CNN reports that the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) last year spent $1.58 million to lobby the federal government, "for legislation that would require merchants, credit card companies and banks to negotiate fair, uniform and transparent debit- and credit-card "interchange" fees, which are fees of about 2 percent that are charged on every credit card transaction.

"The Food Marketing Institute," according to the story, "also lobbied on legislation that would establish a federal food safety administration to protect the food supply, proposals to create a safety certification program for food imported into the U.S. and 'ountry-of-origin' labeling requirements.

"In addition, the group lobbied on food stamps provisions in the agriculture bill now before Congress, pet food safety measures and legislation that would make organized retail crimes a federal felony, among other things."

CNN notes that a 1995 law requires lobbyists to disclose activities and expenses that could influence either the legislative or executive branches of the US government.
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