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Content Guy’s Note: As you’ll see in about three paragraphs, I have a vested interest in the following story…and I think that this announcement uniquely dovetails with the long term approach and goals here on MNB. So read on…

SEATTLE - Consumers looking for new and better information about how to shop, cook and eat smarter will have a fresh and invaluable source starting in May, as a new video program, FoodWireTV, debuts on and on numerous other online venues.

Featuring a wide variety of editorial approaches – including reviews of the best new and existing products, interviews with thought leaders in the food business, and entertaining travelogue-style visits with people and places bringing food to consumers in unique and provocative ways – FoodWireTV will be a video podcast designed to help shoppers make smarter decisions about how and what to feed themselves and their families.

Produced by Kevin Coupe, founder and “Content Guy” for the popular food industry website, and food industry expert Michael Sansolo, FoodWireTV will have a unique point of view because it will be aware of the business trends shaping food consumption but always mindful of consumer needs and desires.

“We think FoodWireTV is an ideal way to start talking to shoppers about food in a fundamentally different way – being serious about the subject, while always looking to be entertaining and even irreverent in our approach,” said Coupe. “Ultimately, we want to have fun…and we want people to have more fun shopping, cooking and eating. Consumers have a basic desire to be better and smarter about food. That can mean eating healthier, but it also can mean being indulgent, depending on the occasion. And we want to talk about both of those, and everything in between.”

“There is a lot of research out there showing that when families have dinner together, they tend to have children with fewer alcohol and drug problems, and who getter better grades and are better adjusted,” Sansolo added. “If we can move the needle on this just a little bit it will be a major cultural contribution, and is a perfect venue to do so since it has so much appeal to young people.”

FoodWireTV will be a sponsored program, and a major CPG company already has signed on to sponsor the first program. Negotiations are underway with a number of major and smaller food manufacturers and service providers to advertise on subsequent editions of the new venture.

Coupe said, “Hopefully one of the central advantages of sponsoring FoodWireTV will be its presence on, which is a place where consumers are in a shopping state-of-mind and open to suggestions and recommendations about how to better accomplish their food shopping goals.”
KC's View:
Needless to say, we’re thrilled about this new venture…because we think it is a perfect marriage between form and content. And I’m excited that one of the places offering access to FoodWireTV will be MNB ... though I have to concede that my audience is just a little smaller than Amazon’s.

There will be a lot more to tell you about FoodWireTV as we move forward, but let me plant two thoughts…

First, we’ll be doing some videotaping at the upcoming FMI Show in Las Vegas for the program, and will be focusing on new products that are coming into the marketplace. So, if you have a new food product and are exhibiting at the FMI Show, shoot me an email and let me know what the product is and where you will be on the exhibit floor. We’ll consider you for inclusion on our debut show.

Second, if you’re interested in getting your product in front of a sizable audience that is interested in shopping, cooking and eating, and would like information about sponsorship options, you can send me an email as well.

You can contact me at 203-662-0100, or via email: .