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The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) began circulating an online newsletter yesterday entitled, “Who Knew The View from Planet Tesco Was So Different Than Earth?”, in which it contrasted what it said was Tesco’s overly sunny view of its US-based Fresh & Easy business to what analysts have been saying about it.

The emphasis in the piece is on two issues: 1) allegations that the majority of Fresh & Easy’s stores in Los Angeles, Arizona and Nevada are not meeting sales goals set by Tesco, and 2) speculation about the current 90-day “pause” in store openings that Tesco is saying was planned all along, but that some analysts believe reflects a starker reality about the stores’ inability to attract customers.

KC's View:
The UFCW hardly is dispassionate about Fresh & Easy, since it was unable to get the chain’s employees unionized. And while there certainly is a sense of glee in the email the union sent around, I’m not sure that Fresh & Easy’s failure – if indeed that’s what happens to chain – does much to help supermarket employees anywhere. And it certainly doesn’t establish the UFCW as a viable partner for other chains, since it was so willing to dance on the not-yet-dug grave of one competitor.

Besides, if I were running the UFCW, I’d take it a little show with a gloating. Some analysts are jumping ugly with Fresh & Easy, but I still believe that it is way too early to count Tesco out.