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• The Orlando Sentinel reports that Freshco International Supermarkets, a small chain of stores that caters specifically to the Hispanic marketplace, “has quietly expanded in Central Florida during the past few months, opening grocery stores in Orange City, Kissimmee and Orlando … The chain now has six locations, with two stores in Port St. Lucie. ”

The moves come as much bigger companies such as Publix and Wal-Mart ramp up their Hispanic offerings in order to appeal to local consumers in the region.

USA Today reports that “federal food-safety officials are considering whether labels on some frozen chicken products adequately inform consumers that the chicken is raw and provide sufficient cooking instructions. Stuffed chicken entrees — which look cooked because they're breaded and prebrowned so that the breading sticks — are blamed for five salmonella outbreaks since 1998 that sickened 71 people, Minnesota health officials say. For every illness detected, more go unreported, officials say.”
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