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Forbes offers this analysis of the current situation in which Wal-Mart find itself:

“With the company's core rural consumers saturated with stores, union-pandering urban politicians making it tough to impossible to open big city locations, and overseas missteps in key markets like Germany and South Korea, there's reason to believe Wal-Mart's growth phase is near its end.

“But don't bet on it. Retail experts say the company is already on the right track to resuscitating growth. The secret: simple retailing, few drastic moves. Refurbish stores, don't give up on all high-end merchandise and stick to down market growth overseas. That's how Wal-Mart can break out of the sales doldrums and squeeze more profits out of stores.”

According to the story, a 50-state facelift of 1,800 stores in the US should be completed by October, offering “brighter lighting, improved displays and wider aisles.” The data to this point suggests that customers going into completed stores are staying 10 to 15 minutes longer and spending between 0.5 and 1.5 percent more.
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