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While much of the media world focuses on trans fat bans, nutrition and dietary concerns, and healthier eating trends, the folks at Wendy’s apparently believe that there is room for more robust offerings. Hence, it is introducing a new hamburger called the ‘Baconater,” described as “six strips of hickory smoked bacon on top of a half-pound of never-frozen beef.” This follows the chain’s introduction of a “Triple Stack Cheeseburger” and a “Steakhouse Double-Melt Cheeseburger” – all of which seem focused not just on clogging arteries, but unclogging the pipeline of consumers into the fast feeder’s stores and rejuvenating its sales.
KC's View:
There’s nothing wrong with offering consumers plenty of choices that cover the entire spectrum of nutritional implications, from heart healthy to heart attack.

I have to admit, though, that this is a little troubling – mostly because it seems to be more about bulk than taste…an attitude that is reflected in many of choices that Americans and American businesses make.