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Looking for a sure-fire recipe to differentiate your produce department from the next guy’s?

Pro-Health Potatoes are healthier and plumper than the average potato, because we grow the majority of our potatoes on virgin soil. Pro-Health Potatoes offer shoppers consistent sizing and consistent quality – and, by moving beyond a commodity-based approach to this category, Pro-Health offers retailers the ability to differentiate their produce departments by addressing the twin issues of health and convenience.

And now, exclusively for MNB users from Pro-Health Potatoes – recipes that you can use for in-store fresh food offerings, or that you can offer to your shoppers for at-home use.

Just send an email to Alan Bradshaw – at - and write “Recipes” in the subject line, and we’ll shoot you back some dynamite recipes that are proven winners.

And, for more information about Pro-Health Potatoes, go to:

Pro-Health Potatoes: The Official Potato Of!
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