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In the UK, Wal-Mart’s Asda Group announced that it will implement a new nutritional labeling system that will according to CEO Andy Bond, provide a “common sense solution to something that shoppers can find very confusing. It’ll give our customers the best of both worlds – the simplicity and transparency of the traffic light labeling system, alongside the more detailed GDA (guideline daily amount) information that some customers demand.”

The new system uses a green, yellow and red light symbol to highlight low, medium and high levels of sugar, fat, salt, saturated fats and calories in each product, as well as offering precise information about per-serving and percentage amounts of these items in each product.
KC's View:
I read this, and my first question is when Wal-Mart – looking to create a differential advantage for itself in food in the US – will make a similar move here. It wouldn’t be the first to do so – Delhaize America is doing much the same thing in its US stores – but it would be the biggest.