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As has become a tradition at this time of year, I’m taking a week off - it is the beginning of the summer, the news cycle tends to be a little slow, and at this point in the calendar I can use the break. I’ve taken Mrs. Content Guy to France for a 10-day holiday to celebrate her birthday. (I’m not allowed to tell you which one…just that I’m 52 and, according to her, she’s “much younger” than I am.) We’ll be in Paris, Brittany, Normandy…and generally having a great kid-free time (our first such extended vacation in a quarter-century).

MNB returns on July 9…and it’ll be that week during which Michael Sansolo will make his MNB debut.

It’s going to be cool. And I can’t wait.

Sláinte!! À votre santé!! Cheers!
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