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Starbucks reportedly will expand its lunch selection at some 4,400 US locations, adding items such as a tomato mozzarella salad and a "fiesta salad" with grilled chicken, roasted corn and black beans, as well as two new yogurt parfaits, a raspberry mocha frappuccino and an iced raspberry mocha to its national offerings.

In addition, the company plans to add regional specialties in certain locations.

The move comes as Starbucks – faced with competitors such as McDonald’s upgrading their menu offerings – also expands its hot breakfast sandwich program to 6,500 of its US stores by the end of next year.
KC's View:
Fiesta salad or Big Mac? Easy decision for us.

I wonder if its is growth of competitors like Panera Bread and Cosi that really gives Starbucks pause. They’re a lot smaller, but they seem to be targeting the typical Starbucks customer more than Mickey D’s.

My pro-Starbucks bias has long been articulated in this space, but I have one suggestion that would ramp up the Starbucks lunchtime business: Free Wi-Fi.