business news in context, analysis with attitude reports on how Safeway has “quietly opened a stand-alone restaurant … called Citrine without a word of advertising or publicity.” The restaurant, in Redwood City, California, is described as a “test” in which Safeway can find new ways to sell prepared foods. While there are numerous reports suggesting that this is the first in a series of test restaurants, Safeway is not commenting on any further rollout.

“This is an experiment where we'll have the opportunity to test some culinary ideas," Brian Dowling, a Safeway spokesman, tells the website. "We never talk about experiments that are in this early stage."

According to the site, “Citrine offers features entrees such as Thai barbecue chicken for $12.49, margarita pizza for $8.99 and grilled fish for $13.99. Other offerings include sandwiches starting at $7.99, soup for $3.99 and salads starting at $8.49. It's décor features blonde wood accents along with a color palette of the soft greens, oranges and yellows.”
KC's View:
Anything that a food store does that reinforces the notion that it is in the food business – and not just the boxes and bags and slotting allowance business – is a positive.