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The Walt Disney Co. has announced that Costco will begin selling a new wine label based on its shortly-to-be-released animated film, "Ratatouille.” The chardonnay comes from the Burgundy region of France and will sell for $12.99.

The movie has a food theme – it is about a rat that wants to become a French chef.

The new wine is part of a broader effort by Disney to license its name and characters for adult products that will help to broaden its appeal and revenues.
KC's View:
I’m not sure which is more jarring – a wine with a Disney label, or a wine named after a rat.

The best thing that Disney has going for it in this venture is the fact that Costco is in the mix. Costco has a strong reputation not just for excellent prices but also for a wonderful sense of taste when it comes for wine. So this may get more trial from wine enthusiasts than one normally would expect.

Here’s the one piece of information not contained in any of the stories I’ve read: cork or screw top?