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• The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P) is saying on its website that it has expanded its online shopping service from Manhattan north to Westchester County, where it claims it is the only such service offering same day delivery.

The fee schedule being used in Westchester is a little different than in Manhattan, according to the company’s website. All deliveries in Manhattan of orders over $50 (same day or next day) are free, and under $50 are $8.95, while in Westchester both cost $9.95. Interestingly, pick up of online orders over $50 in Manhattan also are free, and under $50 are $8.95…but all pick-ups in Westchester are $5.95.
KC's View:
I was intrigued to see that in some of the coverage of the A&P announcement, the company was given special credit for its “chill chain,” described as a feature that “ensures that all cold items are kept at the proper temperature through the delivery process.”

Maybe I’m just naïve, but it was my impression that keeping cold items at proper temperatures during the delivery process was sort of a given – not something special - if you want to be in the online ordering and home delivery business.