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It is time to stop thinking and acting like part of a collective…because the real winners in modern retailing are the businesses and personalities that take a chance, gamble on a unique reading of the marketplace, and look for differential advantages that will distinguish them from the pack mentality.

Michael Sansolo, formerly of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and Kevin Coupe, the "Content Guy" for – now teamed up on MorningNewsBeat and a new enterprise called The Coupe-Sansolo Project – look to the past, present and future for examples and lessons that can help audiences create innovation-driven customer experiences. Using proprietary research compiled by The Hartman Group and their combined four decades writing about and observing the retailing business, Sansolo and Coupe provide the kind of perspective, humor and engagement that nobody else in the industry offers…and it is available to your company. Now.

For more information and to find out how Sansolo and Coupe can help turn your conference or meeting into a must-see event, email or call MorningNewsBeat World Headquarters at 203-662-0100.
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