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While we’ve had significant email trouble here in Shanghai, a few have gotten through…and we want to thank you for the enormous show of support offered yesterday after it was announced here that Michael Sansolo is leaving the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and working with us on joint ventures as well as contributing to MNB.

(We walked into a bar in our hotel late Monday night, and the first thing that happened is that two guys bought us a drink to congratulate us on the overnight doubling in size of our company. Even Michael couldn’t believe the news generated that kind of reaction…and he didn’t even get to drink the wine!)

Several people have suggested that we call ourselves “Mike and the Mad Dog,” but we’ll not be doing that…in part because the name is taken, and in part because we’re not thrilled with our side of that characterization. Someone else said that “it isn’t quite Butch and Sundance, but not bad.” We’re happy with either side of that characterization, and we suspect Michael is as well.

Among the emails we received was this one, from MNB user John Runyan:

An old saying in business is when one company has a loss another gains. In this case the big loser is FMI and MNB gains in Michael Sansolo a man who over many years has earned integrity, knows what he is talking about, and informs companies with professionalism. I recall reading years ago that when companies look for CEO's and other top executives there are three major
qualities they must have, 1. Integrity, 2. Intelligence, 3. Energy.

However, without #1, the other two will kill a company.

Michael Sansolo has all three.

We agree. Which why we’re so thrilled to have Michael for a partner, and grateful to have him for a friend.

One other note…

Over the years, it seems like every six months or so we will get an email asking why we use “we” instead of “I.” Our response has been that it seemed less egocentric, and when we’ve polled MNB users about it, they’ve pretty much agreed though they didn’t think it was a big deal.

Now, however, it occurs to us that we have to change things…that we’ll have to use “I” in our commentaries because there actually is a “we,” and Michael may not agree with us on everything…and we’re counting on the fact that we’re going to challenge each other to be better and smarter.

I’ll probably screw it up from time to time out of habit, but the pronouns are changing around here.

And that’s probably the least of it.
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