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The Chicago Tribune reports that personal scanners, which allow “customers keep a running tally as they work their way through the aisles, allowing them to spend more time shopping and less time waiting to check out,” are becoming more popular in US grocery stores. “Personal scanners are more common in Europe, but their use is growing in the United States as grocers introduce high-tech tools that promise to make shopping more convenient and seem less like a chore,” according to the story.
KC's View:
When we’ve seen these scanners at their most effective – like at Superquinn in Ireland – an effort is being made in-store to make sure that the personnel dealing with customers at checkout are particularly personable and engaging, putting a human face on the company rather than allowing technology to commoditize the shopping experience to the point where there is no difference between anyone.

We would continue to make the following point – technology is just a tactic, not a strategy. Technologies such as personal scanners have to serve both the shopper and be used in such a way that they serve the retailer’s broader brand message and identity.