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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that six months after Willis Stein & Partners decided to put Roundy’s Supermarkets up for sale, it appears that it isn’t even close to finding a buyer.

While several private equity firms have taken a look at the company, according to the story, declining same-store sales and a toughening marketplace have made the asking price unattractive, the Journal Sentinel quotes several sources as saying.
KC's View:
We don’t doubt the basics of this story, though it is important to point out that the Journal Sentinel concedes that none of its sources for the story actually work for the company…which means that any or all of them could have an axe to grind. It also should be noted that while there have been reports in the media – including MNB - that Roundy’s is on the sales block, that has never actually been officially confirmed by the company.

Just want to keep things in perspective.