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US News & World Report has a story about how consumers, government and the food industry seem obsessed with eliminating the consumption of trans fats, while ignoring the fact that what replaces the trans fats could be just as bad for you.

“Yes, the food industry is experimenting with ways to keep the saturated fat content low—by using unsaturated options such as canola and sunflower oils, for example,” the magazine writes. “But some manufacturers, loath to sacrifice taste and texture, are reverting to less-than-healthful choices such as palm oil and butter.”

Robert Eckel, the immediate past president of the American Heart Association, has developed a "Face the Fats" education campaign designed to inform shoppers that a "zero trans fats" label doesn't tell the whole story. "People know trans fats are not good for them," Eckel tells the magazine. "But they do not understand that replacing them with saturated fat is not a good option."
KC's View:
All this stuff is cyclical. Consumer advocates, as well as the media, love to create piñatas that they can smack around…and as soon as the thing is shattered, they move onto the next one. Trans fats are this cycle’s piñata…but make no mistake, there will be another one.

Not to suggest that we shouldn’t be working to cut such items from our diets. Of course we should.

But at some level, people are going to be healthier if at least some of the time they replace some of the trans fat laden products that they eat with, say, a banana. Or an apple. Or some cantaloupe.