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• The Associated Press reports that Supervalu has announced that it is cutting its corporate real estate presence in Boise, Idaho – where Albertsons was headquartered before it was acquired by Supervalu last year – in half. The company said it will have staffers in five buildings, down from 10; before the acquisition Albertsons had 2,350 employees in the city, and post-transition that number will be down to 1,700.

• Aldi reportedly plans to increase its presence in Australia from the 140 units it currently operates to 200 by the end of the year, and then plans an even more aggressive expansion program in the future – to as many as 500 units just on the eastern coast of Australia.

USA Today reports this morning on the growth of takeout food, writing that “restaurants used to be where folks went to sit and eat. But in a nation whose citizens are increasingly too busy, too impatient and perhaps even too lazy to sit down and eat a meal out, more restaurants than ever are evolving into something few could have predicted even two decades ago: packaged-goods emporiums … Well over half of the meals purchased at the nation's estimated 935,000 restaurants are gobbled up at home, back at the office or in the car.”

• PepsiCo reportedly plans to launch a new soft drink this summer - "Pepsi Ice Cucumber.” The mint-colored soda will only be sold during the summer months and only in Japan.

It also doesn’t have any cucumber.
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