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The Las Vegas Business Press reports that Supervalu is using both the Albertsons format and the recently resurrected “Lucky” value-driven format “to take on two different personalities with consumers: provider of low-priced basics and purveyor of all things healthy, fresh and easy.”

Last year, according to the story, “two local Albertsons were transformed into the once familiar Lucky brand, while two more Lucky stores in the Las Vegas area were unveiled June 8 … Lucky's different positioning and character will revolve around low-priced, basic food ingredients and items.”

Sue Klug, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Albertsons, tells the Business Press, “I think there's power in both brands, and frankly that's why we're excited to bring the Lucky brand back. The Albertsons brand now is really about working to provide a premium fresh and healthy customer experience. The Lucky brand has a whole different positioning and brand character.”

Klug also says that the company’s Albertsons banner generally competes with chain stores, while the Lucky banner competes with independents – positioning that the company feels has strong long-term potential.
KC's View:
We’ve long thought that eliminating the Lucky banner was one of the dumbest things that the old Albertsons regime ever did; if you’ll recall, it only brought the banner back when it thought the trademark had expired and it needed to do something to protect the name.

We suspect that Supervalu will be both more attentive and sophisticated in its approach.