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Advertising Age reports that major packaged goods companies such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever are creating marketing and advertising campaigns that will target fast-growing and young consumer segments that are largely ignored by mainstream marketing efforts. The notion is that while many Americans actually are being disenfranchised by ad clutter, “sizable portions of the U.S. remain at least partly immune,” and marketers are doing what they can to “fill the void.”

One interesting revelation, discovered by P&G – while teens would seem to be most accessible via online marketing efforts, they also can be influenced by direct mail, and so P&G has ramped up those initiatives for appropriate products.

Another demographic group being focused on is Hispanics, which Unilever believes is “particularly under-marketed to, relative to the rest of the country,” according to AdAge. Ironically, research suggests that “receptivity to even conventional advertising pitches is higher among Hispanics” and that “about two-thirds of Hispanics say they enjoy looking at or listening to advertising, compared with about one-third of non-Hispanic whites.”
KC's View:
It seems to us that two basic questions that every retailer ought to be asking himself or herself are the following:

• “Who are we not talking to that we should be talking to?”

• “Who are we not listening to that we should be listening to?”

Of course, one doesn’t necessarily appeal to these folks by lowest-common-denominator approaches. Rather, the best way is to develop specific and aspirational efforts that raise the bar, not lower it.