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The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on a new program developed by Heinen’s Fine Foods, along with the Cleveland Clinic, called “Healthy Appetite,” that endeavors to help shoppers make smarter choices in the supermarket. “Unlike previous efforts by Heinen's and other grocers to help consumers make better food choices at the point of purchase,” the story says, “Healthy Appetite concentrates on education at least as much as actual shopping.”

According to the story, “Chefs with Heinen's partnered with Clinic nutritionists to design an array of healthy dishes catering to all sorts of tastes and dietary requirements. They created salads, entrees, vegetable dishes and starches, enough to satisfy any gourmand but also to meet the demands of vegetarians as well as those specifically watching out for salt, fat, cholesterol and gluten.” But equally important, virtually every “healthy” offering – both in the prepared foods section and in the grocery aisles – is labeled as such, with a full complement of nutritional information that is reinforced through the use of kiosks and pamphlets.”
KC's View:
What we like about this program is that it isn’t about “eat this” and “don’t eat that.” It is more about intelligent, informed balance – which for many consumers (and we would count ourselves among them) is the hardest thing to achieve.

Smart marketing.