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The National Retail Federation (NRF) says that consumers are expected to spend $9.9 billion on Father’s Day presents this year, with the average person spending $98.34 on a present, up from $88.80 a year ago.

“As in previous years, the most popular gift for dad will be a greeting card (69.9%), but he can also expect to be treated to a special outing such as dinner (42.7%),” the NRF says. “Other popular gift items include apparel (37.1%), a gift certificate or gift card (29.9%), consumer electronics or computer related accessories (17.8%) sporting goods or leisure items (13.9%), tools or appliances (13.6%), and home improvement or gardening tools (12.4%).”

And, the NRF reports, “Most consumers plan to shop for Father’s Day gifts at a department store this year (34.2%), with discount stores (28.7%), specialty stores such as electronics or greeting card stores (29.6%), specialty clothing stores (7.3%) and online shopping (18.7%) being other favorite destinations.”
KC's View:
How many supermarkets and other food stores create special programs to appeal to people looking for Father’s Day presents? Like special beer or wine tastings? Cooking classes? Or other offers that could endeavor to make the food store relevant to the male shopper?

Just curious.