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• The Detroit Free Press reports that when Kroger purchases a number of Farmer Jack stores currently owned by A&P, it is expected that the company “will likely honor benefits for Farmer Jack employees it hires.” That assertion comes from the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), but Kroger has not commented on the possibility.

• Published reports say that the Spanish supermarket chain Eroski Sociedad Cooperativa will spend the equivalent of $1.3 billion to buy a 75 percent stake in Caprabo SA, another Spanish supermarket chain. The deal makes the combined entity the nation’s second largest food chain, behind Mercadona.

• The New York Times reports on a new study saying that women who have one drink of alcohol each day reduced their risk of a non-fatal heart attack by almost a third. However, there are limits to alcohol’s positive impact – the study also says that women who got drunk just once a month actually increased their likelihood of having a heart attack by six times.
KC's View:
So, when Mrs. Content Guy says that we’re driving her to drink, we can actually respond that we’re actually looking out for her health.