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The New York Times reports that since Starbucks' Hear Music division is producing and releasing Paul McCartney's new album, "Memory Almost Full," the company has decided to use its coffee shops to give the former Beatle's newest album a promotional push.

The Times writes: "To celebrate his album’s release Starbucks is having what it is calling a global listening event: The album will be played around the clock on Tuesday in more than 10,000 Starbucks stores in 29 countries. Based on its high-volume traffic — some 44 million customers a week — the company expects about six million people to hear the music that day. Starbucks’ channel on XM satellite radio will also be promoting the record heavily, and XM will devote another channel exclusively to Mr. McCartney’s music on the release day."

McCartney is the first artist to sign with the Hear Music label, and his new album has been getting enormous coverage in the music and mainstream media.
KC's View:
We haven't heard a note or a lyric from the new album, but we've already pre-ordered "Memory Almost Full" from iTunes…because it is McCartney, and these are the moments and the music to be treasured.

We'll be interested to go to Starbucks tomorrow and order a coffee and just sit and listen for a while. We suspect that the people there, whether young or old, will be tapping their feet and probably smiling, even if they don’t know why.