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The Orlando Sentinel reports that Wal-Mart has extended to all of its Florida stores a promotion that offers free shipping to all of its online customers – as long as they have their products shipped to one of its stores instead of to their homes.
KC's View:
Sounds good for Wal-Mart, but we’re not sure why this makes life easier for consumers. If we order via the Internet, we generally are doing so in part because we want to avoid the teeming mass of sweaty, bargain-hunting humanity that congregates in big stores. Making us go to the store and probably wait on line to pick up said item just seems counter-intuitive.

Amazon’s “Prime” shipping program, which has an annual fee that guarantees two-day shipping on any item ordered from the online retailer, is a much better deal for e-shoppers…and it works for Amazon, too, because it encourages frequent shopping.