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Reuters reports on a study by TNS Retail Forward suggesting that “U.S. men are doing more and more grocery shopping, both for themselves and their families, but retailers are still not doing much to make the trip any more enticing.”

Mandy Putnam, a vice president at Retail Forward, tells Reuters, “Men do represent a large part of grocery shopping dollars and they aren't being very well accommodated ... sales are being lost.”

The numbers suggesting that men are an expanding segment of the shopping population are persuasive. In 2002, 41 percent of men said they did at least some of the family grocery shopping, and by 2006 that was up to 71 percent.

Men, Putnam says, are “great at picking out the stuff that they bought before. It's the new stuff, or something new and different that a manufacturer is trying to promote, that they have trouble with.”
KC's View:
We’ve been banging this drum for a long time, so none of this surprises us.

It makes sense that retailers need to do a better job of marketing and merchandising to men.

Though we’d suggest that most retailers could do a better job of target marketing in general.