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Talk about employee commitment.

The Buffalo News had a great piece over the weekend about how four part-time Wegmans employees “visited every one of Wegmans’ 70 supermarkets, plus the Rochester corporate headquarters, on a four-day odyssey through five states in one Oldsmobile Alero.”


“We love the company so much, we thought it would be fun to do it,” Trevor Brown, one of the four, told the News, which wrote: “Since they were doing this on their own, Wegmans didn’t learn of the plan until just before the group left. That’s when they were given ‘passports,’ with space for imprints from the mailing stamps each store uses. The company notified its stores that the group was coming.

“The journey started early on May 18, a Friday. In just one day, they visited a staggering 41 stores in the Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse areas…Fun seems to have been the main motivator for the four travelers. They ended up with 400 photographs, stamps from each store on their specially made ‘passports,’ and an overflow of complimentary food.”
KC's View:
The real point here is that Wegmans is the kind of company that fosters this kind of commitment, this kind of loyalty, in even its part-time employees.

We often remark in this space that there essentially are two kinds of employees in the world – the kind that feels like a cost or liability to the business, and the kind that feels like an asset.

Guess which group these employees fit into? And then think about this kind of enthusiasm translates into the way they work in their various departments, the way they treat customers, and the way they interact with management and fellow employees.