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The Detroit Free Press reports that the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P) is expected to sell 47 of its Michigan-area Farmer Jack stores as early as next week in a multipart deal that would have Kroger buying 25 of the units, while the rest would go to independents connected with Spartan, or other independent retailers. This would leave 19 Farmer Jack stores unsold.

However, executives at A&P, Kroger and Spartan would not comment about the story on the record.
KC's View:
One gets the sense that the clock is ticking as A&P looks to unload a division that it views as a weight around its neck. The company is trying to close the deal to acquire Pathmark (which won’t happen until September at the earliest), it already decided to close its distribution center next month, and it announced last month that it wants to sell Farmer Jack. Tick, tick, tick…