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• Wakefern Food Corp., the retailer-owned cooperative, said that its most recent fiscal year generated $9.5 billion in retail sales, a “record sales level” for the company. The company also said that it generated $7.5 billion in wholesale sales last year.

• Campbell Soup yesterday reported that its third quarter profit rose 31 percent to $217 million, from $166 million during the same period a year ago. Q3 revenue grew eight percent, to $1.87 billion.
KC's View:
Campbell Soup attributed the profit growth in part to higher beverage sales. We think it is directly traceable to the copious amounts of V-8 we’ve been drinking.

By the way, it isn’t that we’re dragging our feet on the re-naming of this section…it’s just that there are so many entries, it is taking more time than we expected to make a choice!