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• The Las Vegas Business Press reports that when Tesco opens its US stores, the company will employ non-union personnel…though this conclusion seems to be drawn from statements being made by organized labor.

“At the recent Ward 5 town hall,” the Business Press writes, “a representative of United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 711 spilled the beans. Secretary Treasurer Mike Gittings told the crowd Tesco would be picketed from day one because it was freezing the union out of its stores. In a later interview, he was less dogmatic, saying the picket lines were ‘possible’.

“Gittings told the meeting the American unit of Tesco was hiring human resources staff and telling them ‘to use union-avoidance tactics’.”

Tim Mason, who is running Tesco’s US operations, was not quoted in the story.

• In the UK, The Mail reports that Tesco plans to launch a website later this year that will enable consumers to compare the financial services that it offers to those offered by other companies.
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