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The Miami Herald reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that farmed fish that may have eaten food imported from China that was contaminated with the toxic compound melamine is in fact safe to eat.

According to the story, the fish were “raised at Kona Blue in Hawaii and American Gold Seafoods in Washington state” and “were found negative for the chemical melamine.” The FDA also noted that while the questionable feed was also sold to 196 fish hatcheries, those fish are so small that there are no health concerns about humans who might eat them.

The ruling is similar to one made last week by the US Department Of Agriculture (USDA) which said that some 56,000 pigs that ate feed tainted with industrial chemicals such as melamine – which originated with wheat gluten imported from China – can be slaughtered and allowed into the human food chain. USDA said that the toxic compounds are so diluted as to be harmless to people who eat meat from the pigs.

However, the Chinese government continues to deny any culpability in the contaminated feed, which nevertheless has resulted in the pulling of more than 150 brands of pet food from US store shelves; dozens of animals reportedly have died from having consumed the tainted pet food.

The Washington Post notes that “the highly publicized contamination of U.S. chicken, pork and fish with tainted Chinese pet food ingredients and this week's resumption of high-level economic and trade talks with China -- has activists and members of Congress demanding that the United States tell China it is fed up.”
KC's View:
We hope the folks down in Washington don’t spend too much time congratulating themselves. While the contamination may be so limited that it won’t hurt anyone, there are still a bunch of pet owners who are ticked off, and plenty of consumers wondering how good our nation’s food security is…since, after all, the contaminated feed got into the US to begin with.