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The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that as management and labor continue to negotiate – and negotiate and negotiate – in Southern California, the United Food and Commercial Workers is both sponsoring pro-union rallies and embarking “on a door-to-door campaign designed to educate customers on the issues behind the contract negotiations.”

The goal is to ratchet up pressure on the region’s three major chains – Albertsons (owned by Supervalu), Ralphs (owned by Kroger), and Vons (owned by Safeway).

The contract ran out in March, but has been extended several times as negotiations continue, and both sides seem to want to avoid the extended strike/lockout that roiled the Southern California supermarket industry three years ago.
KC's View:
Normally, we tend to think that consumers increasingly are trying to be socially conscious in making their shopping decisions.

But in this case, we have a feeling that Southern California’s consumers may be so fed up by this protracted nightmare that there are a lot of doors being slammed on a lot of faces.