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The Boston Globe reports this morning that Chinese authorities are denying culpability in the pet food poisoning crisis in the US, saying that its “checks on food exporters have turned up no sign of a chemical blamed for the deaths of cats and dogs in North America.” According to the story, Chinese officials are saying that the two companies that were responsible for the wheat gluten that was tainted with toxic melamine were “special individual cases.”

The Chinese government reportedly has “urged US authorities to refrain from further action against Chinese producers.”

More than 150 brands of pet foods in the US have been pulled from store shelves because of the contamination; according to scientists, melamine is used in wheat gluten because it makes it appear that it is higher in protein and therefore fetches a higher price in the marketplace. Dozens of animals reportedly have tied from having consumed the tainted pet food.
KC's View:
And if you believe that, we have a Great Wall we can sell you. Cheap.