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Forbes reports that the restrictions on what HBC products can be brought onto airplanes in carry-on luggage are having an impact on manufacturers in the category.

“That's about to change,” Forbes writes. “Several cosmetics and skin care companies have recently rolled out high-quality toiletries in the right carry-on sizes, many created specifically to comply with TSA rules.” One of the most interesting is from a company called Travelon, which “will release an instant tooth gel, mouthwash and shaving gel in late May under its Travel Fresh line. All three tablets take liquid form when mixed with water. Each will cost between $5 and $7.”
KC's View:
Smart. Since the heightened security regulations don’t seem destined to change anytime soon, we think that more companies ought to be doing this – creating packaging for their products that is 1) small enough and 2) transparent. And retailers could perhaps create a way for shoppers to customize their own carry-on toiletry kits.