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In addition to the Wal-Mart financial news reported above, there also were a number of other companies reporting quarterly and monthly numbers…

• Target Corp. said that its April sales fell 1.8 percent to $3.903 billion from $3.974 billion during the same period a year ago. Same-store sales were down 6.1 percent for the period.

• Dollar General reported that its April sales were up 0.2 percent to $674.5 million from $673.3 million a year earlier, while total Q1 sales climbed 5.7 percent t o $2.27 billion from $2.15 billion. April same-store sales were down 2.4 percent, while Q1 same-store sales were up 2.4 percent.

• Dollar Tree reported Q1 total sales increased 13.8 percent to $975 million, on same-store sales that were up 5.8 percent.

• Family Dollar Stores reported that its April sales fell 1.6 percent to $481.3 million from $489.2 million for the comparable four-week period a year ago; same-store sales were down 4.9 percent.
KC's View:
It is sort of ironic that we have so much financial news at a time when the name of this department has been called into question. In case you missed it, yesterday we had an email from an MNB user who thought that we had misnamed this section…and so, we decided to launch another T-shirt contest!

We’re happy to use another name for this section, so we’re inviting reader submissions and suggestions. Make it pithy, funny, pointed, sardonic…whatever. Just make it unique. Send us an email. And the winner will get a limited edition MNB T-shirt.

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