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• Wal-Mart reportedly has issued updated guidelines to its store employees, responding to complaints that some foods in its stores were being inaccurately labeled as organic. However, the company also suggested in a statement that its in-store signs should not be taken as the last word as to whether a product is organic or not.

"Our green organic signing is for additional consumer convenience to show that an organic alternative is available. It is not a label," the company said. "The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) certification label is featured on the packaging of the organic selections we offer and consumers should always rely on this USDA certification label for proper organic verification."

• The International Herald Tribune reports that “Wal-Mart has promised to become ‘packaging neutral’ by 2025. That means that, through recycling, reusing or perhaps even composting, Wal-Mart will try to recover as much material as was used in the packaging that flows through its stores.”

However, while “environmentalists applaud the Wal-Mart approach…they want more. Environmental Defense, for example, wants Wal-Mart to give greater consideration to the greenhouse gases emitted when the paper, plastic or other packaging material is made - and to methane emitted from landfills if the final package is dumped.”
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