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The Buffalo News this morning reports that retail consultant Burt Flickinger III, a managing director with Strategic Resource Group, is both advising and participating in a consortium of investors looking to acquire Buffalo-based, 72-unit Tops Markets from Ahold USA.

Terms of the proposed deal have not been disclosed. Flickinger declines to identify the other members of the group, except to tell the News that it is “a group that’s been very active in the acquisition sector and very interested in keeping the Tops team intact.”

He also says, according to the News, that “the group he is part of supports Tops’ local management team, as well as maintaining its unionized work force. He said the group wants to bring the chain back to its homegrown roots as a company with close local connections.”

Flickinger is a Buffalo native.
KC's View:
We’ve always enjoyed Flickinger, both as a person and a savvy commentator about the industry. And now, we have to say we admire his guts. Because our greatest fear is that someday we might actually have to try to implement some of the ideas we espouse, in which case we’ll probably be exposed as a complete fraud.

Flickinger obviously is willing to put his money where his mouth is.