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Promo reports that PepsiCo has launched a new advertising campaign in which it is promoting Diet Pepsi, and timed it to coincide with “a massive sampling campaign during the day that put 3 million cans of the updated Diet Pepsi into consumers’ hands in cities across the U.S.” The theme of the campaign is the claim that Diet Pepsi has more taste than Diet Coke.

And Newsweek reports that this week, Coca-Cola is rolling out “a new version of Diet Coke with added vitamins and minerals. Blue-capped bottles of Diet Coke Plus will begin showing up in stores this week, empty of calories but containing 10 to 15 percent of the daily requirement of niacin, zinc, magnesium and vitamins B6 and B12. It isn't meant to replace Diet Coke, now the third best-selling soft drink in America, after Coke Classic and Pepsi; it's just a part of Coke's plan to conquer the world by making so many kinds of soda that stores won't have room for anything else.”
KC's View:
For the record, we tasted Diet Coke Plus this week at the FMI Show, and thought it was good…and also guilt-free. So we’d judge that a win.

As for Pepsi, we don’t know what products Pepsi might have wanted to sample, because for the first time in memory, the company did not have a booth at FMI.