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As previously reported here on MNB, Al Gore – the former vice president of the United States, environmental advocate, Oscar winner for his “An Inconvenient Truth” documentary, and a possible candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination – decided at the last minute to bail out of his long-scheduled keynote address to the annual Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Show in Chicago on Sunday morning.

Specifics were not given for the cancellation, except for “personal reasons.”

Well, the San Antonio Express-News reports on where Gore was…at least, on Saturday, when he spoke to the American Institute of Architects national convention there.
KC's View:
We checked, and it is only about 1200 miles from San Antonio to Chicago. There are plenty of flights, and you can actually drive it in less than 18 hours. (Fourteen hours if you have NJ Gov. Jon Corzine’s driver, and 12 hours if you can get that crazy woman astronaut to do the driving.)

FMI’s Michael Sansolo joked from the stage on Monday that, perhaps referring to Gore’s size, the former vice president couldn’t give the speech because he had to run in the Kentucky Derby and had come in 16th.

We think he got it wrong. If Gore had run in the Derby, he would have come in first, but it wouldn’t have mattered.

By the way, big applause to the Express-News, which writes: “On the request of Gore's media handlers, Saturday's event was closed to the media. Because of the importance of the issue and Gore's status, the San Antonio Express-News chose to cover it anyway.”

Good for them.