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Bloomberg reports that departing Ahold CEO Anders Moberg has tried to defuse speculation that the company will merge with or be acquired by Delhaize by saying that the company plans to remain independent. Furthermore, he says, Ahold hasn’t received any offers for its US businesses – except, of course, for its US Foodservice division, which has been sold to a private equity group.

“Our main objective is of course to stay independent and try to create as much shareholder value as we can that way,'' Moberg tells Bloomberg, though he concedes that the company would “consider” offers if they created more shareholder value.

Moberg says that some of the proceeds from the US Foodservice sale may be used to make an acquisition, though he declines to be specific about targets.

Finally, Moberg confirms to Bloomberg that when he leaves Ahold in July, he will become CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Group, a Dubai-based shopping-mall developer.
KC's View:
We still think that at the very least, Ahold’s US businesses are going to be sold at some point. It just seems to make sense, and with the right new ownership, the US operations could get some revitalizing.

As long as they’re not sold to, say, A&P.