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Pizza Patron, the Texas-based retailer that generated a lot of controversy when it said would accept Mexican pesos as payment for its products, also apparently is generating a lot of new sales – the company said its first quarter sales were up 34.8 percent.

“Our customers love the program,” said Andrew Gamm, director of Brand Development for Pizza Patrón. “Perhaps our first quarter store sales are a vindication of sorts for occupying a unique position in the marketplace and not yielding to the pressure from the opposition.”
KC's View:
We would agree. The fact is that consumers had pesos left over from trips to Mexico, and the retailer had pizzas to sell. Taking those pesos as payment – in much the same way the stores on the US-Canadian border will take either currency – was a smart, consumer-savvy decision.

We know people, by the way, who actually get upset when retailers in foreign countries won’t take American currency; they have such a US-centric view of the world that they simply can’t understand such a lapse. As a nation, we have to get over that view and embrace the diversity and pluralism that increasing is reflected in our society.