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The New York Times reports that style doyenne and convicted felon Martha Stewart plans to sell a line of fresh, refrigerated and frozen foods at Costco, the membership warehouse chain.

This will be something of a new area for Stewart’s company, which has been involved wit the marketing of books, magazines, housewares, paints and even houses – but never before perishable foods.

According to the Times, “Susan Lyne, the chief executive of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, called food the ‘greatest untapped opportunity’ for the company.

“Food, she said, is the No. 1 area for visits on the company’s Web site, which features recipes and cooking tips, suggesting that Ms. Stewart’s fans trust her on matters of gastronomy.”
KC's View:
Costco has a reputation for being the warehouse club for people who are either affluent or who want to be affluent, and Stewart’s fan base has already struck us as being almost entirely made up of wannabees. So maybe this makes sense.