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The New York Times reports this morning that “a Chinese company accused of selling contaminated wheat gluten to American pet food suppliers avoided inspections partly because it did not correctly disclose its shipping contents to Chinese export authorities, according to American regulators.”

The story says that the Chinese company identified wheat gluten as “nonfood,” and since nobody checked, it was able to make it into the United States, where it was used in pet food ingredients and animal feed – including some that was given to chicken and hogs that have been slaughtered and made their way into the human food supply.
KC's View:
Nobody checked.

Your tax dollars at work.

And here’s the phrase from the story that will really give you goosebumps: “Though a possible violation of export policies, such mislabeling is thought to be widespread in China.”

Great. Just great.

Ironically, it has been reported that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a new position – assistant commissioner for food protection – that will have as its chief responsibility supervision of all the agency’s food safety activities.

David Acheson, an FDA official, has taken on the new post. We would suggest that he has his work cut out for him.