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Hi, I’m Kevin Coupe and this is MorningNewsBeat Radio, brought to you by Webstop, your first stop for retail website design services.

I often get the question, where do you get your ideas? And the other usual question is, have you ever had a day when there was nothing to write about.

Well, I get my ideas from reading – everything. I skim through 20 or 30 newspapers and magazines pretty much every day – using the Internet, of course – and I watch a lot of cable news. And, I’m lucky enough to get hundreds of emails each day, so I have a pretty good sense of what’s happening.

And no, I’ve never had a day when there was nothing to write about. If it happens, I’ll be happy to say so and give you – and me – the day off. But I’m not expecting it to happen any day soon.

No, it usually is more like today. As I thought about this radio commentary, I had lots of options to choose from.

I could say something profound about next week’s FMI Show, and do another pitch for you to meet me at the bar of Bin 36 in downtown Chicago on Sunday from 6-7:30 pm. But I’ve pretty much done that to death at this point.

I could do something about one of my favorite subjects, wine, and talk about the growing interest in organic, biodynamic, natural and sustainable wines. But no, that’s not turning me on.

Or, I chat about the guy down in Mexico who has decided to differentiate his tortilla business by making them square instead of round. That’s a pretty good idea, but I’m not sure I can get three minutes out of it.

So instead, I’ve decided to tell you about one of my favorite stories of the week.

Published reports say that in China’s Sichuan province, a new tourist attraction is being built.

Women’s Town.

Now, this is a niche concept that has just been waiting to happen.

Women’s Town, according to the stories I’ve read, is based on the traditional local concept that women rule and men obey, and folks there think that they can sell this concept to tourists from around the globe. They’re half way through the building process, and are accepting investment dollars from outside China, in case you’re interested. Hundreds of millions of dollars already have been invested in this place.

The motto of the new town is as follows: “women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse women's requests.”

When tour groups enter the town, female tourists could immediately take on the dominant role when shopping or choosing a place to stay, and a disobedient man would be punished by "kneeling on an uneven board" or washing dishes in restaurants.

Sort of sounds like my house.

For MorningNewsBeat Radio, I’m Kevin Coupe.
KC's View:
Maybe you don’t want to mention the “sort of sounds like my house” line to Mrs. Content Guy…