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“Starbucks is doing it. So is Jet Blue. New York City? They're doing it too. Hoping to make the foods we consume more healthful, stores and restaurants - even cities – across the nation are working to rid their menus of trans fats, the artery-clogging ‘partially hydrogenated’ fats used for frying and baking.

“Now, the race is on to find healthy, affordable trans fat substitutes - and by the end of next year. New York City, for one, plans to completely remove trans fats from all restaurant foods by July 2008. Even McDonald's, notorious for announcing that it will eliminate trans fats frying, will change their habits in early 2008 when they introduce a trans-fat-free vegetable oil blend that won't change the taste of texture of their top selling item - fries. But how will these changes affect retailers? And are these goals of creating a trans-fat-free nation even realistic?”

So opens the first edition of Food, Nutrition & Science, a new online publication from The Lempert Report.

Other subjects covered in the inaugural edition include the current state of calcium sales; the potential health benefits of chili peppers; the state of label comprehension among consumers; an update on Avian Flu concerns; and a perspective on the food safety crisis in America.
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