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Market6 Customers More Effectively Manage “The Last Mile” Of The Supply Chain

Market6, Inc. reduces Out-of-Stocks on Direct Store Delivery products by employing innovative technologies that accurately anticipate consumer demand at the store shelf. By suggesting better orders, Market6 customers more effectively manage the “last mile” of their supply chain, and enable their demand-driven supply networks.

By providing accurate item/store forecasts using data sources both inside and outside of the store, updating these forecasts daily, applying self-correcting perpetual inventory, and employing new ways to process enormous amounts of POS data, Market6 creates the best possible order to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

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KC's View:
The folks at Market6 make a compelling argument – that every moment you don’t act to curb out-of-stocks is a moment in which you lose money…and that it is a moment that can be avoided through simple oversight and attention. We’re grateful that they’ve chosen MNB as a place to make that argument, and hope you will check out the company’s site and, if you’re going to be at the FMI Show, will stop by their booth for a visit.