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The Boston Globe had a wonderful piece over the weekend about Shaws CEO Carl Jablonski, who has a monthly closed-circuit television show that he uses to communicate with employees about “everything from sales numbers to food recalls, where the company is excelling and where it could do better. He always has a guest and always reads from letters written by customers.” What makes Jablonski’s effort unusual in an age of podcasting and email communications is that he does the 20-minute show live – believing it is the best way to cut through the communications clutter.

Jablonski tells the Globe, "You're human. They see that human side of their president. And quite frankly, I think you work better for somebody who you understand." And employees seem to agree that Jablonski is the most accessible CEO they’ve ever worked for.

The show is hardly something that Jablonski is being forced to do. In fact, he really likes being on TV. "I never have a bad day when I go on stage," he tells the Globe.
KC's View:
This is the kind of story we love – because it shows a CEO who doesn’t paint by the numbers, who understand the notion of communications, and who understands that you have to reach out to employees if you expect them to reach out to customers.

Good show.