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What do you call an aging Yuppie?

This was the question that I posed a few weeks ago in a radio commentary that originally was focusing on the way in which technology makes constant and state-of-the-art access to the Internet – and therefore, to the world – not just possible, but to some of us, as important as the air that we breathe.

I mentioned in this space that I was astounded to find out that I actually had neighbors who get television reception using an old fashioned antennae strapped to their chimney, don’t have any sort of cable television, and while they have a computer, they’re still using dial-up AOL. They’re practically Amish!

Now, I was criticized for that characterization – not just by MorningNewsBeat users who felt I was out of line, but by Mrs. Content Guy, who told me that I was both incredibly shallow and a spoiled Yuppie. My response was that I’m too old to be a Yuppie…and I posed the following question:

What do you call an aging Yuppie, anyway?

Well, I got dozens of responses…and I thought I would share some of them with you.

Several of the respondents focused on my addiction to Internet access in coming up with names. Kathy Monro suggested GOOFA, for “gone overboard on fast access.” That’s pretty good, as was TECHNOCRAT, suggested by Landy Hauck – I think, based on the rest of her email, that she was putting the emphasis on “rat.”

There were a number of emails that stressed the attitudinal. Dan Graham said that most of the aging Yuppies he knows have turned into GRUMPIES, while Brad Seifert said they’d turned into FRUMPIES.

Matt Byham didn’t have an acronym, but we liked his description anyway: FASHIONABLY FERMENTING.

Andy De Paolis suggested GERI-YUPPIE.

Amy Miller suggested GUPPY, for “Graying Urban Professional.”

Mark Walton also suggested GUPPIE, but he said it would stand for “Geriatric Yuppie.”

Brian Baulier came up with several suggestions – MAMMAL, for “Middle Age Middle Manager, Ambition Lacking.” And MAMMARIE, for “Middle Age Middle Manager Actively Retired In Employment.” He also had another one that I can’t use here because it was obscene…but Brian, if you’re listening, I want you to know that you made me laugh out loud.

While you all are winners in my book, the ultimate winner, in the end, was obvious. Mike Flaherty suggested that the best acronym for aging yuppies should be COUPEE – for “Cranky Old Urban Professional.”

Not only was it good and funny – it sucked up to the Content Guy. That’s an unbeatable combination.

For coming up with COUPEE, Mike Flaherty wins a limited edition MorningNewsBeat t-shirt…not to mention my endless admiration.

For MorningNewsBeat Radio, I’m Kevin Coupe.
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