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The Indianapolis Star reports on the changes taking place at Marsh Supermarkets, now that it is owned by private equity group Sun Capital Partners. The company “has decided to bring back the Marsh nameplate to two LoBill discount stores in Cincinnati. No decision has been made on whether a similar conversion will occur in Indiana, where most of the company's 116 grocery stores and 154 convenience stores are located.

“Sun also has cut services at some Marsh stores, last week eliminating the full-service meat counters in Shelbyville and Bloomington and the full-service floral shop in Shelbyville,” and is “in the process of painting, freshening or remodeling all of its stores.”

The challenge to the company, analysts tell the Star, is to remain effective even while becoming more efficient. If it cannot maintain that balance, experts say, Marsh runs the risk of alienating its core customers…which it cannot afford to do.
KC's View:
We hear through the grapevine that new CEO Frank Lazaran is doing good work there. That’s good…because without strong leadership and vision, Marsh may have trouble reviving itself after the damage that was inflicted upon the brand by the Marsh family.